UK Government Doubles Funds for EV Infrastructure

The Department of Transportation (DfT) will be twice its EV charger financing of 10 million pounds. With a focus on residential chargers, it is intended to encourage more urban dwellers to go electric.

This is the second time that the Government has doubled its EV financing of subsidy infrastructure; Last August, £2.5m and was assigned to the installation of EV chargers in residential areas, the coincidence of a £2.5m promise made in 2017.

The Government states that it has supported the installation of more than 24,000 public charging points to date, including 2400 fast chargers, as part of its Road to Zero strategy.

Last week, the State Minister DfT, George Freeman, claims the only way the Government can meet its goal of stopping sales of gasoline and diesel cars in 2040 is through infrastructure investment and EV promotion.

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