Tesla’s Research Confirms There are No Involuntary Accelerations in Their Cars

Tesla has published the result of its internal investigation, and it has concluded that it is false that some units have suffered spontaneous accelerations.

According to Tesla, it isn’t very easy for this to happen since the accelerator pedal on the Model S, X, and 3 have two independent position sensors. If there is an error, the default system cuts off the power instantly. Similarly, the simultaneous application of the brake pedal with the accelerator pedal will cancel out the accelerator pedal input and also reduce the power. Regardless of torque, the braking will be imposed on acceleration until the vehicle is stopped.

Besides, Tesla adds a group of exclusive functionalities that are used in conjunction with the Autopilot and that serves to help distinguish possible incorrect applications of the pedal and reduce torque. Something that allows us to mitigate or prevent accidents when we trust that the driver’s information about an accident has not been intended.

Two independent systems record the data and that allows the brand to know exactly what has happened in each case. Now it remains to see the conclusion of the NHTSA investigation, which will determine if these accelerations have existed, or else we are facing another attempt by the speculators to bring down the price of the shares that fell 6% in a single day at the register this news. Still, they are returning to recover the excellent progress they had in recent months.


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