Advancements In Mobility That Will Chance Travel

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The convergence of mobility and technology is one of the most interesting topics on our minds, especially during CES. Be it electric scooters and drone taxis or electric vehicles and autonomous road-assistants, transport-related innovations that have debuted at the show have eventually become part of everyday life, while others show promise but are further out.

For instance, Mercedes-Benz’s VISION AVTR concept, made in partnership with the Avatar films creative team takes a look twenty years out and drew crowds at the unveiling and at a midnight drive on the Vegas Strip. Segway’s S-Pod upright scooter concept impressed, and Karma (the car maker and “high-tech incubator”) made bold moves by announcing multiple outside partnerships with companies in support of a range of software and systems. From a vegan SUV to a smartphone power bank that can jumpstart your car, here are a few of the most noteworthy developments in mobility and transportation at CES 2020.

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