Electric Car Sales Up 11% At The Start Of 2020 Sales

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Sales of new fully-electric cars rose by 11 per cent during the first few days of 2020, though they still represent only 2.4 per cent of the total new car market with 322 registrations. Unofficial sales figures for the first 10-days of the year show 13,344 new cars were registered by close of business on Friday, down 1.8 per cent on the same 10-day period last year.

Toyota is the best-selling brand for new car sales in 2020. The Japanese brand with 1,984 sales, ahead of Hyundai with 1,674, Volkswagen with 1,053 and Nissan with 1,028.Kia has surged into fifth place with 938 sales. At the premium end of the market, Mercedes-Benz has overtaken rivals Audi and BMW. The Toyota Corolla remains the best-selling model with 754 sales, ahead of the Hyundai’s Tucson and Kona.

Read The Full Article On: Irishtimes


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