Mercedes-Benz Presents the Vision AVTR Concept

Mercedes-Benz has just signed a collaboration agreement with Avatar, the James Cameron movie series, whose second installment will hit theaters in 2021. To celebrate this alliance, the German brand has presented at the Las Vegas CES a prototype inspired by the saga, whose first film saw the light in 2009: the Vision AVTR Concept (AVTR stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation).

According to Mercedes-Benz, Vision AVTR acts as “a living organism” that connects with users and allows them to feel the world around them. Following an approach similar to that of the Na’vi people and their flying Banshee in the science fiction film you can place your hand on the center console so that the vehicle “reads” the human pulse.

Meanwhile, the central screen will allow you to “travel” (i.e., visualize) through virtual reality to other regions. The lighting elements and the interior style try to imitate the Na’vi homes. The seats and floor are made of recycled materials such as synthetic leather and wood extracted sustainably from the roots of the Amazon rainforest.

The vehicle is shown as an extremely low four-door sports car. The Vision AVTR tries to imitate the movement of Avatar creatures with 33 multifunctional fins located in the back of the vehicle.

On a technical level, Mercedes-Benz announces the use of 110 kWh capacity batteries equipped with “organic graphene-based cells.” With 470 hp of power (350 kW), showing excellent performance. Besides, its autonomy will be around 700 km per load.

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