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Toyota Only Expects to Sell 500,000 Electric Cars a Year by 2025

The incorporation of Toyota into the electric car sector will be much slower than expected. The Japanese bet will continue to focus on hybrid models in the coming years. But the new European emission standards, and China’s sales quotas, will force the Japanese to market a minimum amount of 100% electric cars to avoid penalties.

Toyota plans to sell 5.5 million electrified cars by 2025, which would mean multiplying the figures for 2018 by three. But of these, only 500,000 units will correspond to pure electric cars. This is only a fraction of what other automakers plan. Such as VW which plans to reach one million units in 2023 and reach 1.5 million units per year in 2025, or the “several million” that Elon Musk has indicated Tesla will achieve by that date.

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