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Tesla Cybertruck Has A Promising Future, According To Statistics

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Tesla Cybertruck is one of the biggest reveals in the auto industry last year. Its polarizing design and revolutionary features earned praises and criticisms from car enthusiasts. But, it appears that the all-electric pickup truck from the US electric vehicle maker Tesla has a promising future if the recent car sales are to go by.

2019 was the year of the pickup truck based on the list of the most popular car purchases in every state in the US. While all-electric and hybrid pickup trucks are not yet available to consumers, companies like Tesla, Rivian, and Ford are preparing to release their respective versions of the popular vehicle sometime in the future. Tesla is aiming to launch its Cybertruck in 2021 and 2022, Rivian R1T is also coming soon, along with the electric version of Ford F-150.

Read The Full Article On: Ibtimes

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