Did Tesla Reach Its Guidance Of More Than 360,000 Vehicles Delivered In 2019?

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Every quarter, there are a couple of days of suspense waiting for the Tesla production and delivery numbers. They have in most quarters no importance whatsoever. Not reaching the guidance by even 0.1% is considered a deadly sin on Wall Street, though. Missing the expectations of ill-informed Wall Street talking heads is considered a massive failure. Not a massive failure by the ill-informed talking heads, but by the company that did not perform according to the Wild Ass Guesses of those talking heads.

The importance of these numbers is to give those talking heads some scandalous topic to fill their time on the screen with, and for us, the writing commentary, to produce some clickbait articles. The important numbers today are Tesla’s guidance of 360,000–400,000 deliveries in 2019.

Read The Full Article On: Cleantechnica


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