Electric Vehicles Are The Crucial Next Step In Addressing Climate Change

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There is nothing more worrisome to me than our challenge of climate change and humanity’s suicidal continued burning of gasoline. We invest so much effort in the idea of every little bit counts when, in fact, every little bit only counts very little. Petroleum emissions are now the top carbon source in the United States, almost triple the amount from coal, which has become increasingly obsolete. Fully half of the average American’s carbon emissions comes from driving obsolete cars that run on gasoline. March in protest all we want, but government will never solve this problem — unless gas-powered cars are banned (“Maryland opens first fully converted gas-to-electric station,” Sept. 26).

The government is up against the gargantuan petroleum and Detroit car manufacturing businesses, a $10 billion-a-day industry determined to hold back progress on electric vehicles. Even 10 years into the EV revolution with vehicles that are better, faster, cleaner, quieter, safer, cheaper to buy, cheaper to operate and cheaper to maintain, Big Oil and Detroit have millions a day invested in politicians, misinformation, shill reporters, think-tanks, negative articles and anything else they can do to undermine and hold back the inevitable switch to EVs and clean air transportation and their death knell. The government and a majority of politicians will never overcome this billion-dollar pushback and paycheck. They just push it down the road, because in 30 years everyone will have learned that gas was obsolete in 2020 and just stop buying gas cars and the politicians didn’t have to do anything.

Read The Full Article On: Baltimoresun


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