Rivian’s Effortless Loading and Unloading Tailgate

The startup Rivian got some plans to provide easier access to the R1T pickup bed with a new patent for a “Swing and Drop Tailgate” door. It offers effortless loading and unloading of gear and items placed on the truck’s bed.

The patent, inspired by the tailgate of a traditional pickup truck, uses several hinges, allowing different trajectories of movement and some resting points as well.

Rivian wants to improve the traditional pickup bed adding the ability to open much more than a conventional tailgate, swinging down behind the rear of the truck.

“Other motions of a tailgate, such as a side-hinged tailgate that opens to the side, may allow a user to stand closer to the vehicle, but this motion requires significant clearance and does not allow the increased horizontal space that the dropped down tailgate provides. It would be desirable for a tailgate to be capable of more than one motion, along more than one trajectory, to more conveniently adapt to a user’s needs.”

Rivian R1T pickup is scheduled for release in late 2020.


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