You Can Create Your Very Own Paper Tesla Cybertruck

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It seems like Tesla’s Cybertruck bonanza will never end. Today, we’re grateful for it as graphic designer and paper engineer, Alex Gwynne, recently shared their paper Cybertruck instructions on their website.

It’s stylish, looks cool, and is a little bit more affordable than the actual Cybertruck. Ok, so it’s in fact free.

It’s also a great option for those who can’t wait to get their own real-deal Cybertruck. 

Who made the Cybertruck paper design?

Alex Gwynne has been a graphic designer and paper engineer for over a decade. Designing paper toys and crafts is the name of their game.

Given all the attention Tesla’s Cybertruck has been receiving, Gwynne decided to put together their very own Cybertruck project: a foldable 3D paper Cybertruck. 

Gwynne and many other people noticed how boxy the Cybertruck is and realized it would be a perfect candidate to be turned into a foldable paper project. 

It goes to show how some imagination can go a long way. 

Read The Full Article On: Interesting Engineering

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