Tesla Cybertruck: Is it daring or dumb? Design experts weigh in

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When the Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled, my friend Lance and I were in a homesteader’s cabin in the Mojave Desert, cooking dinner and watching the livestream, and we were certain it was a joke. Elon attempting to troll us, and the world, with an unrefined, scalene shape, lifted, seemingly whole, from one of Syd Mead’s darkly futuristic science fiction universes. (Mead envisioned the worlds for “Blade Runner,” “Tron,” and “Aliens,”among other iconic films.)

“That has to be a fake body,” Lance said, transfixed by the computer screen, as the olive oil smoked on the stovetop. “They’re going to pull it off, like the disguise on some “Scooby Doo” villain, and the real truck will be underneath.”

Read The Full Article On: Autoblog


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