What Drives the Tesla Superfans?

Like Apple fans before them, Tesla aficionados have gained a reputation for intense obsession. But how does an electric car company produce so many enthusiasts who, in turn, produce their own content—like podcasts and YouTube videos—about the company?

In 2015, Ryan McCaffrey, Executive Editor at IGN, started Ride The Lightning, which he labeled as an unofficial Tesla podcast. As he discusses in the first episode, McCaffrey started the podcast because—despite talking his friends’ and family’s ears off about the car maker—he still had more to say. He looked for Tesla podcasts, but there weren’t many options at the time.

That’s no longer the case. Castbox.fm estimates that across all podcast platforms, nearly half of the available Tesla podcasts launched in the last year, and that Tesla podcasts have seen millions of downloads. On YouTube, Tesla content is everywhere, with topics like AutoPilot, software updates, maintenance, and track racing a constant source of intrigue.

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