Tesla AutoPilot Update

Tesla AutoPilot needs to be perfect for self-driving to be accepted by the community. It just got another update this week that comes with some useful improvements such as new speed adjustments, automatic lane change, and an autosteer stop sign warning.

The speed adjustments, for example, are based on the speed of an adjacent lane: “When your vehicle is moving at a significantly faster speed than vehicles in neighboring lanes, Autopilot now automatically reduces your driving speed. This is helpful in heavy traffic situations or when there is a long line of vehicles merging into a different lane or exiting onto an off-ramp. When your vehicle detects that adjacent lane traffic is significantly slower, the lane is highlighted with arrows, and its vehicles are highlighted gray in the driving visualization. This speed adjustment can be temporarily overridden by pressing the accelerator pedal.”

Of course, there are more improvements to be made, but Tesla is going on the right path to reach self-driving. The 2019.40.2 update version could take days or even weeks to get to the entire fleet, and different car models could get a different version as well.


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