BMW iNEXT has Revealed Steering Wheel

The iNEXT may only be due in 2021. However, this has not prevented BMW from revealing its polygonal steering wheel.

Throughout the history of the car, the steering wheel has taken many forms and shapes. It was once big, small, and square (such as in Austin Allegro). Now it will take on a new format in the BMW iNEXT.

In BMW’s future electric SUV, the steering wheel has abandoned the round shape that steering wheels commonly presents itself to adopt a polygonal shape. The confirmation came through a teaser revealed by the brand, where you can see the form of the steering wheel of the future model.

The polygonal steering wheel concept is onE of the details that BMW revealed of the interior of the iNEXT. Earlier this year the Bavarian brand had unveiled a teaser where it let you see the curved instrument panel that will equip the model.

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