Lexus’ First Electric Car Is Not For America Because Somehow Toyota Still Believes In Hydrogen Over Here

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Right before Thanksgiving, Lexus announced its (and, really, all of Toyota’s) first real mass-market battery electric vehicle, the Lexus UX 300e. It’s not really all that radical a vehicle. It’s essentially an electric version of the Lexus UX crossover, with a decent-enough range of almost 250 miles. Even though this seems like an ideal vehicle to compete with the swarm of modern EVs in America from Tesla and now Ford and soon Volkswagen, to name a few, Toyota is only planning to sell this in China, Japan, and Europe. I think that’s because they somehow are still really committed to hydrogen?

The Lexus UX 300e really isn’t all that exciting as far as EVs go—it’s an existing unibody vehicle with a lower frame and floor-mounted battery pack grafted on, but the end result seems decent, and, with its low-mounted batteries and drivetrain, is effectively following the rapidly-emerging standard design of modern EVs.

Read The Full Article On: Jalopnik

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