Dubai Police Expect to Gain Reinforcement of Tesla Cybertruck

The Dubai Police fleet, which already has a Ferrari FF and a Lamborghini Aventador among other supercars, could soon gain another heavyweight member: the newly introduced Tesla Cybertruck. The news revealed through a post on the institution’s official profile on Twitter.

In the message, Tesla’s new electric pickup truck appears in an already customized version to patrol the streets of the famous city of the United Arab Emirates. It’s shown including the colors and local police logo on the car’s body. On top of the photo is just the message “Cybertruck Dubai Police – 2020″, without further details on the subject.

It is not known if there is any real background to the acquisition of Cybertruck to Dubai’s Police Fleet. According to CNET, the chief police chief of Dubai would not only have confirmed the arrival of Elon Musk’s new creation, but it is also revealed that Cybertruck will be used to patrol the city’s tourist areas.

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