Lexus Unveiled the First Electric Car of its Fleet, the UX 300e

Lexus unveiled the UX 300e, the first 100% electric model at the Guangzhou Salon (China). This car is a crossover and is focused on China market, but will also be sold in Japan and Europe.

UX 300e retained the full design of the standard version of the Lexus UX, even placing the recharging plug where it would fill with fuel. The only thing that has changed is that the recharging part is a bit bigger due to the equipment. The wheels have a new, more streamlined design, and got 20mm lower. All this to improve the car’s efficiency by reducing its drag. Inside, the only thing that looks different is the dashboard.

In place of the combustion engine is a 204 hp electrical unit with 30.6hp of torque. Under the body is the 54.3 kWh battery pack, capable of storing enough energy for the car to run for 400 km. When you run out of power, you will need approximately 50 minutes for a full recharge using a 50 kW quick charger, or about seven hours using a 6.6 kW the charger.

It weighs around 1,900 kg and has been reworked with revised shock absorbers to handle the extra weight. To make sure the car can be heard without using a conventional engine, Lexus has put what it calls Active Sound Control (ASC), which “transmits natural ambient sounds.”

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