Jaguar Suspends Plans to Produce E-Type Zero

Jaguar Classic has just announced that they have taken a break from converting any E-Type Zero units. There was no manufacturer justification to pause the development.

The vehicle they called the E-Type Zero, converted from the original to the electric, has a 40 kWh battery pack, about the same size and weight as the original six-cylinder. It allowed the new solution to be installed in the same location as the combustion engine under the front bonnet and also prevented engineers from having to tamper with the original model’s structure, suspension, or brakes.

The car uses a 220 kW electric motor, replacing the original six-cylinder 4.2 inline model. The electric version has the autonomy to run 270 km (170 miles) at full load. To recharge it in a standard outlet, it takes between six and seven hours.

Jaguar guaranteed that, although converted into an electric vehicle, the car maintains the same sensations, “driving, behaving and braking in the same way as an original E-Type, with the weight distribution unchanged.”

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