Rendered Rivian R1T Race Truck

Rivian owners are active when it comes to rendering and planning modifications to their cars. RivianOwnersForum fulfilled this wish to turn the new R1T into a truck that can survive the Baja 1000 race, calling its project the R1T Baja Race Truck.

According to the automaker’s specifications, this pick up has incredible performance both on-road and off-road, making it ideal for those desert races such as the Dakkar Rally and also Trophée Andros.

Some modifications would need to exist in its metal body, lifting the bodywork along with its skateboard architecture. When we talk about power, we will have 180 kWh megapack, capable of producing 700 hp. However, it can’t be too heavy to face the Baja 1000.

The big difference would be energetic with its extended range capacity and the contribution to the non-emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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