Is There a Demand for EVs?

Electrek interviewed Jack Hollis, leader of sales, marketing, and market representation for Toyota North America. He says that there is no demand for Evs in the market right now.

The automotive world is always working to change the present scenario, bringing new vehicles, and changing the fuel from gas to electric.

Hollis affirms that Toyota is continuously working on its vehicles, thinking what the best business and best decisions for the end consumer is. Trying to maintain affordability and improve the environment, that´s why Toyota chose to keep the production of hybrid cars. With hybrids, you can fuel the car in 5 minutes when you pass by the gas station or for at least three hours at home.

Toyota´s BEVs

The CEO concludes its interview showing that there is no space or dates for Toyota to debut a full EV. When the demand grows, Toyota will use its ability to solve problems and work to fix the late entrance from the company on the EV market.

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