All-Electric Kia K3 Debuts at the Guangzhou Motor Show

The sedan displayed at the Asian salon was designed and developed by Kia specifically for the Chinese market. The car is expected to hit the Chinese market later this year with 56.5 kWh CATL battery and more than 305 miles of range.

“Kia Motors aims to showcase its vision of moving forward through the KX3, Futuron, and K3 EV. By encouraging innovation in product, technology, and customer satisfaction, Kia Motors is actively responding to the rapid changes sweeping across China’s automotive market,” says Li Feng, Kia’s Chief Executive Officer.

Visually, the new Kia’s Chinese car boasts stronger creases and a large front grille with vertical fins. Feng, Kia’s executive, also added that the made in China model comes with the characteristics desired by the young Chinese.

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