Faraday is the Most Advanced and Best Electric Power Train in the Whole Industry, Claims CEO

Faraday Future is being led by its CEO, Carsten Breitfeld, who updated the company’s electrical car situation.

Breitfeld came to the company two months ago and solved the cases of inability. To execute his plans, he created a whole new leadership team after taking over as CEO. Another political issue was that the founder, Jia Yueting, went bankrupt. Because of that, he separated his finances from Faraday and stepped down from the chief executive position.

The company’s most substantial investment is now in technology. So far, nearly $2 billion in investments, and yet the company is still on fundraising mode. But Breitfeld claims that the IP developed by Faraday is the most advanced and best electric power train in the whole industry and completes with:

“The other part, if you want to create connected cars if you want to create a certain internet living space, then you need connectivity, high-speed communication in the car. You need screens. You need an operating system. You need a digital ecosystem. All of this was developed at Faraday. And this is available and can be seen and shown in our product. How much money do you need you’re in the fundraising business right now.”


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