Cybertruck is Out Today at 11 PM

The most awaited Tesla’s product, Cybertruck, will be released today at 11 PM ET. Elon Musk had this idea for about six years, and we still don’t know what is to come.

The inspiration for this truck comes from Blade Runner with a science-fiction-stye, and there are some ideas of the specs since Tesla wants to combine performance with style. The price should be less than $50,000 since Elon wants it to be affordable. He says this will have a “heart-stopping” design.

It will probably come with a dual-motor setup and a dynamic suspension that adjusts automatically based on the weight the truck is carrying. The more affordable base model should get closer to 300 miles of range. Tesla’s cars get better performance and range depending on the price tag.

Musk said the truck would have lockers, 240V outlets, Autopilot, media streaming from Spotify and Netflix, and other software features from the current cars.

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