Rivian Allies with Tesla to Fight Against CA’s Revoked Emissions Privileges

Rivian and Tesla teamed up to fight against the State of California’s recently revoked rights to create its own environmental emissions standards and formed the National Coalition for Advanced Transport (NCAT).

The NCAT aims to remove restrictions that the federal government is trying to impose on the state of California. A monsoon was filed on November 15th before the US District Court in Washington, DC, to join California and 22 states against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). The monsoon repeals California’s rights to produce its own emissions standards that would differ from those of the current presidential administration.

The NCAT contends that NHTSA’s alleged elimination of state authority affects the electric car market and the deployment of new, more advanced technologies across the country, hampering business opportunities for utilities, manufacturers, and infrastructure.

The union of the numerous companies that formed NCAT is a step towards environmental sustainability, showing that the ultimate goal of Rivian and the other companies is to promote positive movement towards zero carbon vehicles with greater ecological longevity. It is excellent to know that companies are helping to combat climate issues and are environmentally friendly.


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