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If Your Family Needs a Second Car, Make it a Fun, Compact EV

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Earlier this month, Volkswagen began production of the ID.3. It’s a small, electric four-door hatchback with three different battery sizes, meant for a variety of driving lifestyles. The interior feels like the future, and if it drives anything like the E-Golf, it’s going to be great. Except it’s not coming to the United States.

Likewise, the Honda-E has been the darling of literally every auto event it graces with its presence. It hits all the right buttons for the car-loving world. It’s dripping with nostalgia, it looks amazing, it’s rear-wheel drive, and it’s an EV crammed full of tech in a way that doesn’t feel forced. Unfortunately, it also won’t be coming to the United States.

Read the full article on: Engadget

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