Maserati Closes Granturismo Production and Announces Super Electric Sports Car for 2020

The unique gradient-painted Maserati GranTurismo you see in the photo, marks the end of a cycle. The Italian brand closed the production of the sedan, the car in the image is the last of the line.

To mark today’s date, GranTurismo has earned the name Zéda, a nickname that distinguishes it with two colors, representing the brand’s future and past. Next year, the unpublished sports car that will replace the model will be fully electric, replacing the current one. By 2021, a new generation of GranTurismo is to come.

GranTurismo has already been on the road for 12 years, always powered by the V8 4.7 engine from Ferrari. The model’s end of career was expected after the announcement thatthe brand would cease to use the Ferrari’s motors, after Maranello’s house had its separate operation from the FCA Group.

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