Tesla’s Model 3 Will be the First to be Made on a Large Scale.

Musk confirmed that the first 30 units of the brand’s most affordable electric car to be delivered on July 28. The distribution list is long, and this is the beginning.

Model 3 is Tesla’s fourth model, but the first one with mass production. The arrival of the vehicle will finally mark the popularization of Musk’s company and, consequently, of purely electric cars in the US.

The car is one of the most anticipated news from the world automotive market, and it has currently over 400,000 reservations made. The volume of deliveries will increase month by month and is expected to meet all this demand by 2019. From December this year the company expects a monthly production of 20,000 cars.

Elon Musk, via his twitter, posted two photos of the model in its final version, which left the factory last Friday (7).


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