Lucid is Literally “Under Construction” in Arizona

After a fight against possible insolvency, Lucid turned around and is prepared to mark its position in the EV world with Lucid Air manufacturing.

The Saudi Arabian Private Wealth Fund has invested € 905 million in the company in April. Now that capital is no longer a problem, Lucid said it had begun construction of its factory in Casa Grande, Arizona. In addition to this information, the company revealed that it has plans to deliver the first units of its first model, the Lucid Air, in the last quarter of next year.

The EV startup has opened applications for staff, looking to fill more than 300 open positions in Casa Grande, Arizona. Casa Grande’s director of economic development said he expects the company to open doors by the end of this year, according to Casa Grande Dispatch. Lucid Motors marketing manager, David Salguero, said the company had begun to evaluate the area for the construction of the factory but declined further comments.

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