A Look at Rivian’s Future Competition

Rivian is already getting famous in the mobility market. Their electric truck and SUV are expected to come out in 2020 in 2021.

The two models, R1T and R1S, have amazing specs and even better looks. These new cars have been attracting customers from several parts of the world.

They have shown a lot of images and details on what is about to come. The Next Avenue has already covered some of the information from the automaker. But even though people showed interest in the new EVs, will it be enough to beat competitors that have more name on the car market?

We decided to list the possible challenges that Rivian might face in the future, especially from the competition.

Electric Ford F-150

Ford is one of the greatest sellers of trucks in the world. The carmaker offers an excellent car with great storage space, off-road specs, amazing technology to help the driver, and performances that almost come with no complaints from drivers.

One of the most famous models from Ford is the F-150. With several subdivisions within it, the F- Series is going all-electric, possibly in 2021. At this time, Rivian will have had the R1T out for a couple of months.

So far, not a lot of specs came out, but prototypes have been spotted several times under camouflage. Ford also shared a video where the prototype is towing 1 million pounds.

Even though Rivian seems to be way ahead of Ford on the electrification, it is important to remember that the company of RJ Scaringe doesn’t have such a big name and importance on the market, yet. People might choose to wait for a vehicle from someone they know better.

Tesla’s Future Electric Pickup

Another project from visionary Elon Musk is an electric pickup truck from Tesla. This new EV is, according to Musk, a futuristic look on the truck scenario. The price range was revealed to reach a high of $49,000.

The CEO confirmed that this vehicle will be officially unveiled in November. The looks are still unknown, but some renders were created to speculate on the design.

Compared to prices, Tesla takes the lead. Not only that but when it comes to EVs, people will trust the carmaker that has been dominating the industry for several years now.

This competition will be fun to see since Ford, Rivian, and Tesla will have their trucks out at the same time. For the customers it will be great, of course. More options and try more chances to find what you want the cars to offer.


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