Tesla Model 3 is the First Electric Model on NYC’s Yellow Cab

The first electric vehicle approved on Yellow Cab is, of course, a Tesla Model 3. The most famous EV on the market is the best in cost-benefit, and will now join the fleet of Yellow Cabs in New York City.

This new process shows that the name of cars from Elon Musk’s company is drawing attention. Even though the US is not the first country to adapt its riding fleets, it is crucial for a bigger country to notice the real importance of EVs, especially in a huge city such as NYC.

Another company that invested heavily in electric transportation is ‘Green Cabs’ that acquired 40 Model 3s in Madison to replace their whole fleet.

This is an important step on the road to electrification. With more Teslas running on big cities, people will be aware that several cars are all-electric, and not only hybrids, as there are some famous models from big carmakers.


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