Chuck Schumer Wants to Invest $462 Billion in Trading Gas Cars for Electric

The democratic senator, Chuck Sumer, announced a plan that will help people that want to switch from ICEs to electric vehicles. According to him, there will be a $462 Billion investment if the democrats are elected.

The United States has been going through a lot of changes in mobility, and this investment would definitely be a huge help for Americans looking to change their cars. According to ABC, “He didn’t outline how he would pay for the plan.”

The website still points out how the division of funds will happen:

“About $45 billion would go to boost the availability of charging stations and other electric car infrastructure. And $17 billion would help automakers increase their production of electric cars, batteries, and parts.”

It is certainly ambitious and challenging. However, with people’s support it could go in the right directions, even if it goes against the views of the President, Donald Trump.

Would you appreciate this measure?

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