Tesla Model 3 Awarded in 4 Different Categories by Parker’s Car Guides

The famous electric car, Tesla Model 3, was awarded by a magazine from the UK. Out of 22 different categories, the EV was present in 4.

Model 3 was the winner of ‘Car of the Year,’ ‘Best Electric Car,’ ‘Best Company Car,’ and ‘Best Safety Award.’ According to the online magazine, the car from Elon Musk’s company has a “clean-sheet approach not only achieves reduced emissions overall but also within its immediate environment. A new approach to interior design and interaction creates a relaxing environment, and genuinely usable autonomous driving modes take the human stress out of congestion and monotonous, constant-speed motorway driving.”

In the aspect of safety, the website stated with the good performance of the car in tests such as Euro NCAP, where it registered a 94% score and ANCAP. “Model 3 has become the overall new benchmark for overall crash-test safety courtesy of its strong architecture and effective restraint systems. Both adults and children are well-protected in Tesla’s smallest electric car with ratings of 96% and 86%, respectively.”

Being the best EV, Parker’s Car evaluated the cost-benefit of the car. “The cheapest models come in at under £400 per month, while the all-important driving range stretches from 259 to 335 miles. It’s highly capable, very likable, and extremely good to drive. The quality and usability are also a step-up from the Teslas that have come before. We think it’s a real gamechanger”.

You can check all winners on Parker’s website.

What are your thoughts on the ranking by the online magazine?


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