Everything We Know About Rivian R1S and R1T

Every time a new vehicle is revealed, the general public tends to follow the carmaker for all the news they can get until the release of the car. With electric cars it is no different, especially because of the recent growth of these type of vehicles on the market. 

Rivian has been going through that. But in a positive way, it has been attracting customers for its cars R1T and R1S that are coming out at the end of 2020. To help the users decide if a new Rivian is good choice for you, we decided to put together all the info that we know so far about these two vehicles.

General Specs

To start the analysis, we will show the general specs from the two trucks: R1T and R1S.


The 5-seater electric truck has three different battery configurations: 105kWh; 135kWh; 180kWh, with the top being 180kWh, while the torque goes to 1,200 Nm, and 750hp. On speed aspects, the acceleration of the EV goes from 0 to 60mph in 3 seconds, and 0-100 mph in less than 8 seconds. The different battery packs offer different ranges: 230, 300, and 400 miles. The trunk has 330 L of space, and the Gear Tunnel adds up 350 L more. Towing capacity is 11,000lbs.

It will have a starting price of $69,000, with better versions able to reach $100,000.


The battery packs (that are the same as R1T) of R1S can offer acceleration of 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds, while the 0-100mph gets closer to 7. The best battery pack, with the same value of 180 kWh, has 410 miles of range, 750hp, and a torque of 1,200Nm. The trunk volume also has 330L, but the exclusive feature of Gear Tunnel is only present on the R1T model. Towing capacity is 7,700lbs.

Differentnfrom the R1T, R1S is an SUV vehicle. It will come out after the first model, which means we can expect it only in 2021. The estimated price starts at $72,500. 

Both vehicles reach a top speed of 125mph. 

Here is an image of the comparison between the two vehicles.

Self- Driving Abilities 

Amazing technologies have been under development for several years. To make the travel safer and more comfortable to the driver, Rivian created several features to make the perfect self-driving car. The system of self-driving includes radars, ultrasonic sensors, high precision GPs, and a lidar as well. On a scale from 0-5, where 0 has no autonomy at all, Rivian trucks will find themselves at a level 3, and this is what the EV will do to measure how distracted the driver is. 

1. Connect, by vehicle, to a wireless device of the vehicle occupant.

2. Receive, by vehicle, signal from a wireless device indicative of activity of the vehicle occupant, and processing the signal to determine the level of awareness of the vehicle occupant.

3. Determine whether the level of awareness of the vehicle occupant satisfies a threshold.

4. Generate, by vehicle, an alert based upon whether the level of awareness of the vehicle occupant satisfies the threshold.

 The company revealed these detailed images of the applications:

Innovative Features

In a previous article, The Next Avenue listed the ‘Top 5 Features We Can Expect From Rivian Vehicles’. Here we are going to review the best of them. 

Starting with the famous Gear Tunnel. This space located on the back of the truck can offer more storage room to the adventurous drivers going out in the wild. If the space provided by the bed of the car is not enough, not only can the tunnel do that, but the lid covering it can be used as a seat, a support, and more.

The second feature is Kitchen Camp. With Rivian Electric Trucks made for adventurous people, campers, and people that like to take some time out in the environment, kitchen camp can be the most useful feature. Placed also on the back, Kitchen Camp offers equipment for cooking your meals on the stove, powered by the electricity in the car.


At the moment, Rivian has settled in seven different location, where each one has a purpose. Irvine, CA is responsible for battery electric, Normal, IL is where manufacturing operations happen, Plymouth, MI has the design and engineering, Carson, CA is on electric power conversion, San Jose, CA develops the technology and data science, and advanced engineering happens in the UK.

Keep an eye on this post for constant updates on Rivian Trucks. 

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on Rivian and their trucks?


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