Rivian Registers New Patent on Semi-Autonomous Drive System

The automaker Rivian just registered a new patent on systems for semi-autonomous systems and functions. 

This new patent is called “Methods, Systems, and Media for Controlling Access to Vehicle Features.” There are several steps to it including, starting with identifying the driver inside the vehicle and evaluating if they are qualified to activate the semi-autonomous device. Here is what the reaction will, in fact, enable.

Rivian revealed with the patent:

“Methods, systems, and media for controlling access to vehicle features are provided. In some embodiments, the method comprises: determining identifying information of a driver of a vehicle; receiving an indication that the driver wants to activate a feature of the vehicle; determining whether the driver is qualified to activate the feature based on the identifying information; in response to determining that the driver is not qualified to activate the feature, inhibiting activation of the feature and causing a user interface to be presented that indicates that the feature cannot be used; and in response to determining that the driver is qualified to activate the feature, activating the feature.”

This is another excellent piece of tech for Rivian Trucks. Especially on its models that have autonomous and semi-autonomous features. This would be a big help for drivers that are not very familiar with the system.

The Next Avenue made an article on Rivian’s self driving capabilities. You can check out the whole article down below:


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