Ultra-Compact BEV: Toyota’s New EV

Being a few steps behind when it comes to the electric market, Toyota decided to step up and show their new project.

The new EV by the Japanese carmaker will officially be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show. Until then, here is what we have on it:

The company revealed that this minicar is aimed for people that want to travel short distances in quite large cities. This being because it only has 62 miles of range and a maximum speed of 37 mph. The sales will allegedly start in late 2020.

Another version of the Ultra-Compact BEV is aimed for commercial use, where companies, while helping the environment, will have the possibility to use the inside of the car for business purposes. One of them is assembling a table in some way, to use as somewhere to do your work during your travel.

Toyota said it wants to sell 1 million EVs by 2025. Do you think they can do it? Let us know.

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