Uniti Releases the Price for its EV: £15,100

The new electric vehicle by Uniti finally set its price after the UK government helped with subsidies.

The car was officially designed in Sweden but engineered in the UK. The vehicle comes with the promise of flexible mobility on the road along with the opportunity to be cheap, sustainable, and efficient. That is why the quality of Uniti One is so compromised with only enough space for three people inside.

When it comes to specs, the car can reach 186 miles of range, with 80% of the total capacity able to be charged in less than 20 minutes with a 50 kW charger.

Uniti plans to release the EV in Sweden and in the UK in the middle of 2020.

Here are some images of the vehicle:

The capacity of storage reaches around 155L. You can also count on the space inside the cabin when the car is empty.

Another great set of specs by the car is “the roof automatically darkens to prevent the vehicle heating up when parked, which also helps reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the cabin again.” (Electric Cars Report).

This car does not seem very impressive. One guess is when customers want to change to an EV, they won’t choose a small vehicle. The ones already established in the mrket, with much more specs, space, and with a better cost-benefit, will be the first in mind.

However, Uniti Ones could actually be used for short-range transportation systems.

What are your thoughts?

Check the whole report here.


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