What Makes Rivian a Suitable Competitor to Tesla?

There is no doubt that the market of electric vehicles is mainly dominated by Tesla. With famous models of its cars already out for a long time, customers usually choose Elon Musk’s company when switching to electrification.

But recently, with the will to change the main source of energy, a lot of carmakers have been creating new fleets to adapt their vehicles. Countries in Europe especially have been showing a lot of interest in those.

In that movement, several other companies were created to grow in this space of innovation. Rivian is one of these companies. The automaker will debut on the market in just a couple of years with two EVs: R1T and R1S.

The trucks by Rivian are being highly expected by the general public, and one question being brought up is: Will Rivian Be a Suitable Competition to Tesla?

Tesla has been growing more and more after each update and announcement by the company or its CEO, Elon Musk. With exclusive and incredible features after every release, it seems difficult for any company to catch up with the starter of the electric revolution. So how will RJ Scaringe’s company do that?

At the start, Rivian received several investments from other companies. This financial aid already puts the carmaker ahead of several other ones that are still reluctant to invest in the EVs. Not only the money from companies, but the reservation of an R1T or an R1S already cuts costs for the customers. Every bit of help for the development of the cars is essential.

The second most important point is the specific models that Rivian offers: Pickup trucks. This type of vehicle, especially on the electric side, doesn’t have any kind of competition. The one closest to cause RJ Scaringe’s company a headache is the Ford F-150, which is also coming out very soon.

The main idea is to bring an adventurous vehicle to its customers. People that like to go off-road, camping, and exploring. The development of features that can handle this type of environment is the differential, as well. The truck has power and range to handle the spirit of adventure. While this is the focus of Rivian, other carmakers are turned towards vehicles that run inside cities, mainly because they are recycling already existing models of its cars.

Features inside these EVs are something to consider. The Next Avenue already reported on what we can expect from Rivian. However, it is important to note that especially the pickup truck displays new arrangements of storage space, removable roofs, airbags, and more that will serve as an inspiration for upcoming automakers.

All of this innovation is also seen at Tesla, but not every EV customer thinks it is funny to share news mainly via a funny tweet, or I n a conversation through social media. Of course, there is great respect for what Elon Musk has done for electric mobility, but carmakers seem to becoming more aware of what they can do differently.

We can not say everything with certainty until the official release of the R1T and R1S, but Amazon is already giving a chance to the company by ordering 100,000 vans for deliveries to be out by 2021 until 2024.

How do you think this competition will go after the trucks are out?


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