Porsche and Boeing Working Together on Flying Cars

The two automakers are coming up with plans to develop air mobility, especially for customers that have a lot of money.

While searching for a solution for jammed traffic, the two companies, Porsche and Boeing, want to invest in cars that can vertically take off. However, the service might not be so cheap.

According to their agreement: “Create an international team to address various aspects of urban air mobility, including analysis of the market potential for premium vehicles and possible use cases.”

The creation includes a car that can travel short distances. This is not a vehicle that will come out any time soon, but will come with appropriate studies and tech development.

There is already competition on the market since Uber also pronounced itself in air mobility, and also intends to develop a service related to this.

The name of Porsche and Boeing sure makes this new announcement something serious. Both of them are very responsible with their customers and do have enough funds for it.

Also, a lot of implications come with this. Aerospace traffic is something that has not been explored yet, so new laws will show up.

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