A Tiny Chip Change Could Coax More Range From Electric Cars

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Better battery tech isn’t the only way to boost electric car range, one big automotive tech provider is betting, with a shake-up in chip material potentially unlocking a 6-percent increase in range. Bosch plans to kick off production of silicon carbide semiconductors from 2020, taking advantage of more efficient electrical conductivity to make power electronics in EVs and hybrids less wasteful on the road. 

It’s easy to oversimplify what gives an electric vehicle its overall range, and assume it all comes down to how big a battery pack you’re carrying. As we’ve seen with recent EV launches over the past 18 months, however, there’s far more to it than battery capacity alone: cars with similarly sized batteries can have wildly different ranges out in the real world.

Read The Full Article On: Slashgear


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