Elon Musk On Smart Summon: ‘Over 550,000 Uses in First Few Days’.

In a tweet by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, data was shared about the use of a new feature that came out after the release of Tesla’s software update, v10.

Smart Summon has been one of the coolest features of the release of v10 software updates, and customers are apparently enjoying it. Musk shared that over 550,000 users are enjoying the new technology.

While replying to some comments from people on Twitter, Elon also revealed that the feature will come to Canadian customers during this upcoming weekend.

Smart Summon faced some backlash after irresponsible customers tried to use the tech but apparently did not follow the instructions given by the automaker. The main responsibility comes from the owner and not the AI of the car. Also, the feature is still in its beta version.

What are your thoughts on the new tech? Have you used it?


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