Tesla News Gives Investors An Opportunity To Buy

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Some companies just seem to attract headlines, good or bad. Tesla (TSLA), as an innovative, unorthodox company that inspires love and loathing in almost equal proportions, is one of such company. Oftentimes, the headlines are distortions of a story, such as earlier this year when an analyst laid out a beat and worst case for the stock. The worst case, a collapse to $10, was reported as if it were a prediction. I get the same feeling with this morning’s Tesla related news, that a group of shareholders are suingthe company over the buyout of Solar City in 2016.

It is not that the story isn’t true; the court unsealed the documents yesterday, so the lawsuit is very real. It’s just that it is being reported as if it is something unusual and sensational when it really isn’t. Take a look at the Reuters or Bloomberg news feed for a company whenever there is a buyout or merger and you will always see stories of such suits.

Read The Full Article On: Nasdaq


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