Tesla Files Patent for Cooled Charger

Working on improving the quality of its fast-charging devices, Tesla registered a patent for ‘cooled chargers’ in March. Here are some benefits of it:

The charger connector is what feeds the car with power to run after a charge. Once it is plugged into the vehicle, the current is transferred to the car. The chargers known in the market nowadays are not the best since the heat is not spread evenly, losing potential power on the charges.

With cool plugins, carmakers will be able to increase the voltage on chargers, making the process of fueling cars less timely.

This also brings an additional uplift for electric vehicles. Once the cars don’t take as much time to fuel as gas-fueled vehicles, customers can start to consider making the transition to EVs. It will be an important step for the market, and once again is taking the first step.

Let’s see the results of it.


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