Video Shows New Unique Features on Rivian Trucks

Youtube channel ‘Like Tesla’ went to a Rivian event and were not only able to speak to RJ Scaringe, but also give us some news on the trucks.

At the event, attendees were able to see a couple of new features that are presented on the R1T and R1S trucks.

In the beginning, the video shows one of the unique differences of the EV, the gear tunnel. It has a capacity of 350 L inside, while its door can be used as a small seat or even a small table.

What can also be seen is the Rivian mobile app which is able to control different features inside the EV.

Also, information related to range and towing were shown. The truck will have more than 400 miles of range, an off-road mode, and 11,023 lb of towing.

Check the whole video here:

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