Porsche On Tesla Nürburgring Rivalry And Elon Musk: Thanks For The P.R. But Bring It On

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I just drove the Porsche Taycan, and though I can’t give you a full review until later, I can say what the Porsche Taycan’s P.R. Manager told me at dinner about Tesla’s Nürburgring record attempts and Elon Musk’s Porsche Taycan-related tweets. As he pointed out, Tesla has helped Porsche more than it hurt it.

By now you’re probably all aware that, following Porsche’s claim that its new Taycan electric sports sedan had set the Nürburgring lap record for a four-door electric vehicle, Tesla boss Elon Musk went into competitive mode. The company devoted multiple Model Ss to Germany’s greatest test track to see what they could do. Strangeness ensued. Tesla apparently neglected to book exclusive track time for a record attempt; Musk declared that that the car attempting to set the record was actually a seven-seater featuring a prototype dual rear motor setup called “plaid mode”; a Porsche Taycan drove past the Model S when it apparently broke down during testing; Tesla installed Superchargers at the Nurburgring after reportedly annoying local residents with a loud diesel generator that charged the test car; and ultimately Tesla set a damn impressive unofficial lap time.

Read The Full Article On: Jalopnik


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