Karma Automotive Announces That its EVs Might Sound Like a Movies Special Effects

With plans to release the Karma Revero GT 2020, the company continues to come up with strategies to attract customers in the most innovative way.

It is already known that EVs need to, in some way, generate a sound to warn other drivers and pedestrians since its motors won’t create it by itself. Carmakers such as Porsche are charging $500 for a motorsport car sound, and now Karma showed up with a creative sound.

According to Joe Durre, Karma’s director of infotainment, the features are a “low level, throaty electric hum.” Audio tones heard in many futuristic movies.”

For that to happen, the car can either be on and stationary, or when traveling forward or reverse at speeds up to 18.6 mph. Durre finished the talk about the sound:

“This technology gives an added dimension to the personalized customization options that allow our electric vehicles to match our customers’ individual lifestyles and tastes, and help make our products even more special and unique.”

What are your thoughts on Karma’s decision? Does it sound interesting to you?

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