Zero’s New Electric Motorcycle Lineup

Zero revealed information on its new lineup of electric motorcycles that will come to the market in 2020. 

Firstly, the company announced the new 2020 Black Forest DSR Model, which will now come to customers all over the world. It was previously limited to the European Market. The company made a statement on the release:

“Deriving from the undisputed champion of this category, the DSR 14.4 kWh, the DSR Black Forest Edition enters the U.S. market as the pinnacle dual-sport motorcycle in the Zero 2020 lineup. Arriving with a history of riding success overseas, Zero now brings this E.U. favorite to the U.S. equipped with three lockable cases for ample storage, accessory bars, handguards, and a protective headlamp cover for added protection for the rider and bike. The DSR Black Forest Edition retails for $18,995 and is available with various Zero Motorcycles accessories and upgrades for riders to continue to push the boundaries of the dual-sport category.”  

Along with that, Zero also showed new colors of its motorcycles. As a report by Electrek, “The street bikes including the Zero S and S.R. received updated blue- and red-accented black paint jobs, respectively. The D.S. is being gifted the new Mojave color, while the DSR gets an updated gold and black treatment. The F.X. will now be available with a Slate color option.”

The prices of the new lineup are lower than previously shown by the company. Zero S.R. will now cost $15,495; 2020 DSR will be the same as S.R. which is $1,000 cheaper. Simpler versions of these bikes will cost anywhere from $10,995 to $13,995.

The last reveal was an app for all the models from Zero. According to them:

Complementing the powerful Cypher operating systems, every 2020 Zero Motorcycle will possess an updated Next Gen App that provides an effortless connection to a motorcycle’s custom ride modes, charging status, updates, and diagnostics.”

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