Elon Musk With More Info About Tesla Model S

The CEO of Tesla just revealed some more information on the Tesla Model S, and according to Elon, the model will come to production at the end of 2020, specifically October/November.

For the past few weeks, the Model S has been running some tests on race tracks. It has already beaten the Porsche Taycan on Nürburgring by a 20-second difference, and as Musk reported on Twitter, they also expect the car to beat this record with its production model variant.

The electric vehicle also offers 7 seats inside it. The report by the CEO of the carmaker also points out that they will be larger and more accommodating.

The Model S finished the Nürburgring circuit in 7 minutes and 23 seconds.

Competition between Tesla and Porsche keeps getting more interesting, and it seems to please EV customers. Let’s see what this competition brings from the carmakers.


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