Tesla Is Offering Free Supercharging For New Model 3 Owners

Tesla in now offering 2 years of free supercharging to new Model 3 buyers

There are a lot of people on the fence when it comes to whether or not they should buy the Model 3, and electric price is always a factor for the decision. Tesla is aware of that and is now offering 2 years of free supercharging for new Model 3 buyers. 

A report by Electrek stated that Tesla’s sales staff is authorized to give the incentive for people interested in purchasing an entry level car from the company. The offer appears to be only valid through the end of the month and only for some trims and colors. 

Tesla has been on and off about offering supercharging for free. In 2016 they took the deal off the table, but this year they decided to bring it back to the Model S and X. It would be great if Tesla offered the same deal for the Model 3 and Model Y in the near future.


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