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Tesla is Opening its First Store in Iceland on September 9

After a tweet contesting the store under construction to be paralyzed, Elon Musk confirmed the date of inauguration in Iceland.

Iceland has a current population of 357,000 people in its country (data from 2018), and so far it’s one of the countries that has sold several electric vehicles. In April alone, the state counted 89 Teslas on the roads. This market can also be pushed in the country since 85% of its energy is renewable.

The constant growing numbers in the country’s market captured the attention of the carmaker that will now be opening a new store on its land.

Engagement in the Iceland EV market is better than most countries in the world. Tesla is entering the country late, but at least they did it.

You can check more info on Teslas in Iceland through the Twitter profile @ATeslaInIceland.
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